Interactive 360 presentations

Make your company stand-out with brand-new 360 presentations

  • 3D animations
  • Interactive Virtual Tours

3D animations

  1. You bring us the technical files for the profiles you wish 3D animations.
  2. We take the section and dynamically generate the window/door shapes
  3. You give us all the necessary info about the product
  4. Our designing team starts working on your 3D animations
  5. We create the animations and integrate them directly on your site or configurator.

Interactive Virtual Tours

  1. We come to your location and make the photos for panoramas (or you can create your own 360 panoramas)
  2. You provide all the significant data about the joinery you sell
  3. We use hotpoints to highlight your windows and doors in the panoramas
  4. Our programming team starts working on your virtual tour
  5. A fully interactive virtual tour is generated and integrated directly on your site or configurator